Laura Cameron-Stedman

Have you stopped sending Christmas cards because they are such a pain.in.the.*ss? Ecards are my latest venture in a long line of creative projects and they came about because I was creating beautiful paper greeting cards but wanted to find an easier way to get them to people. 

At LCS Art Studio, the aim is to produce art based items that surprise & delight. My art eCards do just that. An Ecard that doesn't suck, that looks like a paper card and has your handwritten message on it, AND it's lovely. Made by an artist incorporating hand painted artworks into digital designs specially made for Christmas.

Ecards have gotten a bit of a bad name, known for being kinda cheesy. I'd like to change that. I'd like to change the look that people get on their face from "What's that nasty smell?" to "Awww, how lovely!"

About me: In addition to my BFA in Theatre, I also paint, have an Interior Design certification, I sew (you should see my husbands Hawaiian short robe - rawr ;) ), and was a potter for quite some time. The prints and stationery I create pay homage to my creative past and my endless quest to make life easier, better, and more beautiful.

I believe in beauty and in humour. Life is short, find things you love, that are fun and easy and create joy in your life.  

xoxo Laura